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When it comes to service we are proud to be like your friendly neighborhood grocery store (we hope you have one!)... always there for you, caring, responding, anticipating, and even better listening. Our approach, mostly unheard of in the high-tech World, makes us a "globally local" company.

We have dealt with people from many parts of the World (still working on Antarctica!). Some of these people, we have never met in person. Yet we never let us feel professionally, or even emotionally detached... We have come to ignore physical distances for a newfound channel of trust: the Internet.

The future is friendlier than we all thought...













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WEB 2.0: Next generation E-Commerce & E-Communities

Seeb Media started off as a web design and marketing company. While we now offer other serivces such as Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence consulting to the high-tech community, the tradition of web design and consulting is still at the core of our services department to this date. Indeed, we have dedicated staff members for our web-related design and marketing projects.

In recent years, E-Commerce has become the unifying theme of all most web-related projects. With our extensive experience in this arena, you can count on us for all your Web Presence, e-Marketing, Internet Property management and web integration needs. Furthermore, we are among the early adopters of Web2.0 standards for design & marketing projects. These "trends" are redefining the way people use the web as a commercial, entertainment and communication medium. The critical theme of WEB 2.0 is its focus on virtual communities.

No matter how big or small your website currently is or will be, WEB 2.0 will have implications for your business. In two or three years the community-oriented approach will become so wide-spread you will wonder how we ever managed without it. But now is the time to act on these emerging trends. Because a WEB 2.0-friendly website could easily become your competitive advantage. By the way, it doesn't necessarily cost you more... You just need to talk to the right people: web consultants who are experiencing, and even shaping the revolution as we speek. People, like us.

Our Design Solutions

  • All-in-one Web & Graphic Design Packages
  • E-commerce Add-ons & Standalone Stores
  • Website Make-overs & Step-Wise Improvement Plans
  • Custom Back & Front-end Programming
  • Dynamic Web Communities (Portal Development)
  • Digital Photography& Web Image Optimization
  • Virtual Reality Tours and 360 Photography
  • WEB 2.0 Consultation & Design

Our Internet Marketing Solutions

  • Internet Property Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pre- & Post-Launch Market Research
  • Link Generation, Reciprocal Link Xchange
  • Organic Campaigns
  • Pay-per-click Campaign Setup
  • Pay-per-click Campaign Management
  • Pixel Advertising

Recent & Ongoing Web Projects

Tel1:     1-604- WILL WIN
Tel2:     1-604- 764 - 9676
E-mail:  info [AT] SeebMedia.com
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